And here I am (again)

Sometimes, the simple fact of having a friend to pouring your feelings out calms you down. Some other times, it is easier to write, just write, and let it flow with the rhythm of your fingers touching each letter, each single sound coming out – as if with your feelings you were giving birth to some kind of magical melody that goes with your mood, that suits you well and makes you like yourself, makes you feel safe, feel at home.

So here I am, after a year without having written a miserable piece of paper and posted it here… and now I’m in the need of doing it. Such is life.

Sometimes it is not enough with a notebook.


One thought on “And here I am (again)

  1. Here I am… Rock you like a hurricane!!! No, in many ways this is better than a notebook. The words in here can fly, have wings, and sometimes it is good that they touch somebody, maybe somebody we don’t know.

    I’m glad to read you here, one year after. It is pretty strange how time flies, and flows…

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