After a week…

This is my first post after sort of a week ( 5 days) in Mannheim. I am so happy here I forgot to write back to you people! ;p

This place is great, is all so clean and there are so many things to see and to do that I am getting stuck ‘cos I think I won’t have time to see them all…in a year!! hehe. Now I will say that these first days have been like me going from one place to another like crazy to get some papers for the University, stuff for my room, for eating and living! and some other things like opening a bank account and getting my transport card and so. I love the place because is not that big, but at the same time it’s not small, so pretty much like Bilbao, but the thing is that Mannheim is a mixture of old buildings and old arquitecture mixed up with moder-like buildings and museums, it’s just…perfect!

 The day of my arrival, last Wednesday, was, for sure, the worst of all. Not because my arrival, but ‘cos of all the hours I had to wait in Barcelona for my flight to Frankfurt, and, the worst of all, ‘cos I had to carry my huge three suitcases with me…but there were German people for helping me! (they are so kind here ) I needed two big guys for helping me carrying the suitcases to the bus which was taking me to the Hauptbahnhof, where I had to take the train to Mannheim…I was so tired and… just sooooooooooo tired. But I was lucky again because when I arrived in Mannheim my ‘buddy’ was waiting for me at the station, and he had a car!!! so we just put the fucking heavy suitcases inside and went to the Schloss (the baroque castle used now as part of the uni) to get my residence keys. When I saw the room I was like ‘Oh, my God!! I can’t believe is this big, and this cute!’ ;p That was the moment I knew that would be my home for next year, and I felt tremendously happy.


2 thoughts on “After a week…

  1. Well, thanks for dropping by!! ^^

    I hope to get this updated more often now I’ve got a lot of new stuff to write about here in Mannheim, just hope…hehe

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