unexpected change

As I write these few lines a summer-like raining storm has waken me up from my inner thoughts, like some kind of home-made device to make me come down to earth from that so far away world of mine – but so soft n’ sweet -, an expected change. Sometimes these changes are neccesary, just for us not to forget that our lives in the real world go on developing although we are not living them for a moment.

Mmmm, I feel I will need some more devices… just in case (^^)


4 thoughts on “unexpected change

  1. Lo sé, lo sé, lo sé!!! arrepentirme??? de qué?? de poder contemplar unas maravillosas vistas? o de no vivir en Londres y no poder comprar la maldita Cosmopolitan??
    Mierdensteff!! jajajaja ;P

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