karaoke party!!!!!

“Welcome to the Hotel Californiaaaaa!!” or “recuerdas aquella noche en la cabaña de Turboooo…!!” or “ven-a-la-escuela-de-calooorrrrr!!!” hahahha, yesterday was simply one of the best days with you mates! just for us not to forget it, ‘cos it was in-credible!! hahaha ; p

By the way…HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARRATE (TOMATE)!!!!!!!!! (again ^^) juju

I want all the photographs from The Buhos!! XD


2 thoughts on “karaoke party!!!!!

  1. And then we go and spoil it all by singing with a drunken woooomaaaaann…. Lalalalalala…. 😀 ¡¡¡Fue ge-nial, fantabulous!!! Quiero volver y adosarme a un micro yaaaa!!!! ¡¡Menudo cumpletacos más bueno!!

    Gran inicio de los veinte para nuestra Arrate Tomate, ¡¡y que sean muchos más los karaokes que celebre!!

    Muxus Amy!!

  2. THANK all you guys!! I didn’t know I’d have such a good night with you (how on Earth did Andrei know ALL the songs??). And of course I didn’t expect presents like these!

    ¡Gracias mil, nos vemos mañana!

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