winning streak – done

About hours ago I was going to write about how happy I was feeling about Tommy Robredo – it was about time that I named him here!! hehehe ^^- winning in Montecarlo’s tournament yesterday, but it seems that, once again, fate does not want me to fell happy for a long time – let’s say more than 15 hours, so when I have opened the ATP official website today to see the results of this morning’s matches, I have fallen down to earth too quickly: the big news was that he had lost against Berdych!!s***!! s***!! s***!! hummm, seems that my favourite tennis player will spend the night knocking his head against the wall – or it was me…?

Well, it just seems that my wining streak is done, like in one of The Eels song. It is done not because he – not HE – has lost, but because this has been the last of all bad news I have received today – so lucky I am!…¬¬

But not everything was bad today I must say! (thank God for that little sun light) ‘cos it was IRAIDE’S BIRTHDAY!!! – Herzlichen Glückwunsch meine Liebe!!; and my dear mum bought me some beautiful summertime-like T-shirts! ^^

jiji…ejem, no, really, I’m so sad… those of you who understand me, thank you, you really cheer me up!!!


One thought on “winning streak – done

  1. Thank you so much for your congratulations, dear one!!!!!! It was a happy day full of Kinder-schokoladen und eine phantastische postcard by my favourite friends from the university!!!!

    😀 You are greatttt!!!!

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