Bitter-sweet illusions

And she decided to go upstairs, convinced that he would be there, waiting for her. He, the one she had dreamt about once and again, he, the only one. She ran up the staircase taking them by twos. Her long hair falling in curls over her neck, partly tied in a beautiful pigtail, was waving in the air, her eyes shining in a strange desiring way.

The doors were all closed. Darkness all over the place. She was excited. Any noise coming from any of the rooms in the floor would tell her where he was. She pulled her hair away from her face, and waited for something to happen; her heart beating quickly.

But there was only silence. Silence and her. And darkness.

Sweet illusions… she had done it again. Imagination liked playing a pretty not much enjoyable game on her. ‘Dreams should be only dreams sometimes, for God’s sake!’ – she thought bitterly as she went down the stairs sorrowfully. ‘I am alone once again’.


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