Why is it that…?

Why is it that every time I try to wake up a little bit earlier my alarm clock decides to take the morning off…? It’s not that I really want to wake up that early, but I really need it!!! very different things, aren’t they??

Why is it that the train gets stuck up in the middle of the track nearly aaaaall the mornings I am already late…? I think that the train driver has a kind of sensor to know whether people like me are late, otherwise I don’t get the point…

And, finally, why is it that many people tries to wheddles things out of you when you have had a bad day and it’s clear that you don’t want to talk about IT?…it’s so irksome!!! Hey, if I do not want to talk about it, that means NO WAY YOU CAN PRY!!

Now I am completely relaxed… feels good to kick these things off my head, hummm…I am thinking about buying myself a Pensieve, like the one Dumbledore has; it could help me soooo much ;p


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