I miss something

Don’t you feel like if you had been missing something during these past months? Like something that should have appeared long ago but never came? ‘Cause I’ve got that terrible feeling and it really brings me down. It’s something between sadness and a weird sense of awareness that I’m not living at the right time… (yes, I’m scared too)

So…what is it that I miss?

Winter!!! I miss the winter! The white, cold but rejuvenating winter! The freezing wind refreshing your cheeks, the scarf covering your neck and your mouth with that softness to the touch, the fog surrounding the mountains and coming down to the sea, the trees full of white frost, like little pearls, shining at the dawning sun…

Where has winter gone…?

winter desire


2 thoughts on “I miss something

  1. Me too!! Although I love the good weather and it makes me feel happy I also miss wearing scarfs, getting wet and then, when arriving home, sit near the radiator… 😉
    Nice to see to see you again writing!!

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